Driving pleasure.

smart fortwo – driving pleasure

More fun driving, parking and manoeuvring.

Rear-mounted engine and rear-wheel drive: does that sound more like a sports car than a car for the city? It certainly does. And these features are unique to the smart fortwo in this class.

Fuel consumption (combined) 4.5 - 4.1 l/100 km,
CO2 emissions (combined) 93 g/km


Small, but big on manoeuvrability. With a length of just 2.69 m it’s not difficult to find a parking space for the smart fortwo. And now it’s even easier because thanks to the high seat position with good all-round visibility you’ll spot free parking spaces even more quickly.

smart fortwo – manoeuvrability
smart fortwo – turning circle

Short and better.
With a length of just 2.69 m the smart fortwo fits in every space and is ideal for everyday city driving.

Turning circle.
Unrivalled in this discipline: the smart fortwo. Thanks to its length of just 2.69 m and the new Direct-Steer system with variable ratio the turning circle of just 6.95 m measured from wheel to wheel takes some beating – and you can almost turn on the spot.

Fits in every space.
Filling the gap: the smart fortwo. With an optimised seating position, a short vehicle length and good all-round visibility, parking is child’s play.

Excellent roadholding.

Takes the city jungle in its stride: its long wheelbase, wheels positioned on the outer corners and extra width of ten centimetres give the smart fortwo a compact appearance. And perfect roadholding.

smart fortwo – long wheelbase

Long wheelbase.

Extremely short overhangs: the wheels are positioned on the outer ends of the vehicle – a highly unusual design feature in this form. And they not only look good, in combination with the rear engine concept this also enables the best possible utilisation of space and a greater feeling of spaciousness.

smart fortwo – wide track width

Wide track width.

A striking icon: the new smart fortwo is ten centimetres wider than its predecessor, and this has a positive effect on both the interior spaciousness and the visual presence.

smart fortwo – suspension


Takes road unevenness in its stride: with springs specially configured for the demands of city streets you reach your destination safely and feeling relaxed.


smart fortwo – agility

Direct-Steer system.

Noticeably lighter: the Direct-Steer system greatly facilitates parking and manoeuvring. The Direct-Steer system combines the comfort of speed-sensitive power steering with variable transformation ratios depending on the steering wheel angle. This not only makes for greater cornering agility, it also noticeably reduces the steering effort required when parking. And helps you stay on track.

All about the engine


smart fortwo – drive

The smart fortwo owes its iconic appearance to the position of the engine and transmission at the rear. The efficient 3-cylinder petrol engines with output of 45 kW, 52 kW or 66 kW turbo, the 6-speed twinamic  dual clutch transmission which is unique in this vehicle class and a new manual 5-speed transmission guarantee maximum fun at the wheel.

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