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The smartville plant in Hambach, Lorraine is one of the most state-of-the-art automobile factories. It is also a symbol of successful German-French cooperation. Inaugurated in 1997 by Helmut Kohl and Jacques Chirac, the first smart customer vehicle rolled off the production line in 1998. More than 1.7 million smart fortwos have been produced so far.

The plant.

smart - production plant

A perfect two-seater in 8 hours.

In the smartville plant the smart fortwo and smart fortwo electric drive are produced in parallel in the record time of 7.5 hours. This is made possible by an assembly line shaped like a “plus” sign which ensures highly efficient production processes. The required parts are delivered directly to the production line by suppliers located nearby. This also keeps warehouse stocks low. Incidentally, in June 2012 smartville was the first plant in Europe to start fully integrated series production of electric vehicles.

smart - employees and history

Our employees.

Over 1600 people, called “coéquipiers”, work at smartville. 800 of them work directly for smart France and another 800 are employed by the suppliers located at the plant. The workforce at smartville has a young average age of 40 years.

smart - logisitics


The central building, which is shaped like a “plus” sign, is the heart of the industrial site which has a total area of 68 hectares. Final assembly takes place in the four extensions (“branches”). Thanks to the long external walls of these branches all modules and parts for each individual vehicle can be delivered directly to the assembly stations for installation at precisely the right time ('just in time') and in the correct sequence ('just in sequence'). The system partners supply their components directly via transport bridges, further volumes are supplied via the numerous truck docking stations.

smart - quality and environment

Quality & environment.

Always leading the way when it comes to quality: in October 2012 smart won the “Trophée de l‘Excellence Industrielle” in the category “Best Factory”. The environmental protection measures at the plant are also impressive. For instance, smartville has its own waste water treatment plant with a membrane filter system and a gas-fuelled heat and power plant which provides the location with heat and around 25 percent of its power requirements.

smart - variety of paint colours.

Variety of paint colours.

An ultra-modern and environmentally friendly wet-in-wet painting process has now replaced the previous powder coating. This means that both the throughput speed and also the variety of possible paint colours have greatly increased, now enabling smart customers to also select the colour for the tridion safety cell from the whole range of colours available.

smartville: 20 years of success.

smart - opening
smart - anniversary

20 December 1994 The Swiss watch corporation SMH and Daimler decide to build a production site for the smart fortwo in Hambach (France).
27 October 1997 The production location smartville is inaugurated.
1 July 1998 The first smart fortwo rolls off the production line.
March 2007 Production of the second-generation smart fortwo begins.
3 September 2008 The one millionth smart fortwo is built, marking the brand’s 10th anniversary.
5 June 2012 Production of the smart fortwo electric drive starts.
25 October 2012 smart France and the smartville plant are presented with the “Best Factory 2012” award.
17 July 2013 The 1.5 millionth smart fortwo is produced in smartville.
23 May 2013 A new liquid painting process is integrated.
26 June 2014 Production of the third-generation smart fortwo begins.
Late 2015 Production of the smart fortwo cabriolet
2016 Hambach prepares for roll-out of the all new generation of the smart BRABUS high performance urban sports cars