Technical data.

Technical data - 90 hp (66 kW)

  90 hp (66 kW) turbo with automatic start/stop, 5-speed manual
Engine/type 3-cyclinder in-line engine
Engine capacity cc 898
Max. power in hp (kW) at rpm [1]  90 (66)/5,500
Max. torque in Nm at rpm [1]  135/2,500
Compression ratio 9.5 : 1
Fuel delivery Petrol injection
Max. speed in mph 96 [2] 
Acceleration 0 - 62 mph 10.8 (11.7*)
Engine position/drive Transverse, rear-wheel drive
Transmission Manual 5-speed transmission
Fuel consumption in mpg: [3] [4]   
Urban cycle 56.5 (57.6*)
Exta-urban cycle [5] 72.4 (74.3*)
Combined cycle 65.7 (67.3*)
Fuel type Premium unleaded
Exhaust gas purification/exhaust gas standard 3-way catalytic converter/EU 6
CO2 emissions (combined) in g/km [4]   99
Wheels//tyres (front; rear): passion, prime

5.0 J x 15//165/65 R 15;

5.5 J x 15//185/60 R 15

Wheels//tyres (front; rear): prime sport premium

6.0 J x 16//185/50 R 16;

6.5 J x 16//205/45 R 16

Vehicle length/width/height in mm 2,695/1,663/1,552
Track width front/rear in mm  1,469/1,430 
Wheelbase in mm 1,873 
Turning cirlce in m 6.95
Kerb weight/payload in kg [6]  960/235 (995/230*)
Permissible total weight in kg 1,195 (1,225)
Luggage compartment capacity 260-340
Tank capacity/of which reserve in l 35/5.0
Insurance group rating 10E [7]
Service interval [8]  12,500 miles/1 year 
Warranty in years 3 unlimited
Guaranteed mobility in years up to 30 [9]

[1] Figures according to Directive 80/1269/EEC in the current applicable version.

[2] Electronically limited.

[3] All figures are based on a standard specification with smallest tyre size.

[4] The choice of wheels and transmissions may affect CO2 emissions and corresponding Road Fund Licence.

[5] EUDC: extra-urban driving cycle. Testing procedures adhere to EU Directive 93/116.

[6] Figures in accordance with Directive 92/21/EC in the version 95/48/EC (mass in running order, fuel tank 90% full, with driver, 68 kg and luggage, 7 kg for vehicles with standard equipment). Optional equipment and accessories generally increase this figure, which means that the payload is reduced accordingly.

[7] Whichever comes first, service interval shown via multifunction display. An oil change plus has to be carried out every 12,500 miles or once a year.

[8] Subject to full Terms and Conditions, dependent on date of registration, available upon request. Figures are correct at the time of going to print. Please refer to the government website for latest data –


* Figures refer to 90 hp (66 kW) with 6-speed dual clutch automatic.