smart forease



The Smart forease


Paying tribute to two earlier smart concept vehicles, the crossblade (2001) and the forspeed (2011), the smart forease defies convention with an entirely open, roofless design. Recalling the original motto of smart — “reduce to the max” — this is driving stripped down to the essentials, and all the better for it.

Sitting at the wheel of the smart forease, you’re at one with your surroundings, aware of the hustle and bustle of the city all around you. With its open cabin and short windscreen, you can feel the sun’s rays and the wind on your face, and experience the fun of driving in its purest, simplest form.




But it’s not just the absence of a roof that makes the smart forease stand out from the crowd. It’s finished in a radiant metallic-white paint, providing a subtle contrast with the matt-silver tridion safety cell — and a not-so-subtle one with the brilliant ‘stream green’ accents that feature throughout the vehicle. Highlights include green details on the headlamps and wheels, green topstitching on the upholstery and bold green contrast surfaces on the sides of the seats. These flashes of colour are clearly visible from the exterior too, emphasising the link between the inside and outside.





Other eye-catching design elements include two round displays in place of the centre air vents on the dashboard. These can be used to present content from the ‘ready to’ app, enabling the driver to share their smart with friends or monitor its functions. Audio speakers visibly integrated into the rear wall of the cockpit provide another quirky, unconventional touch.

Based on the standard-production smart EQ fortwo cabrio, the smart forease naturally features an electric powertrain, demonstrating the smart brand’s ongoing commitment to fully electric urban mobility. Since 2017, smart has been selling only electric vehicles in the USA, Canada and Norway, and from 2020 it will be marketing only battery-electric cars in Europe too. The rest of the world will follow soon after.

Like the crossblade and forspeed concept vehicles before it, the smart forease offers a glimpse into the future — and the future looks fun.