Rescue Assist

Rescue Assist

Every smart is filled to the brim with equipment to keep you safe out on the road. But, if you do happen to get into an accident, the Rescue Assist system can provide the emergency services with the critical information they need to help get you out of the car safely.

What is Rescue Assist?

All new smart models come fitted with our latest innovation in vehicle safety, Rescue Assist: QR (Quick Response) Rescue Codes. Any smart manufactured after 1990 can have the QR Codes retro-fitted free-of-charge.

These QR Rescue Code stickers give rescue workers instant access to see the vehicle’s insides, helping workers access the car and get you, and any passengers, out in the safest way possible, without wasting any time. 

How does Rescue Assist work?

These QR Rescue Codes are specific to your smart model and can be fitted in a matter of minutes. One sticker is fitted onto the inside of the fuel filler flap, the other on the opposing front door pillar; two of the most easily accessible areas of the car.

Using a mobile or tablet device, the QR Codes can be scanned to gain instant access to your smart’s structural and technical information in digital display form. With Rescue Assist, specific information such as location of electrical components, airbags, fuel tanks and high-pressure cylinders can be accessed in seconds to aid a swift rescue.


How did Emergency Services used to get this information?

In the past, emergency services only had large catalogues of vehicle information or data terminals on the fire engines to rely on.  Now with Rescue Assist, rescue workers have reliable and accurate information at their fingertips to save those all-important seconds. 

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