MOT Protection.


What is an MOT?


The term ‘MOT’ stands for the Ministry of Transport test and refers to the annual safety check of vehicles which ensures that they meet the minimum safety standards and exhaust emissions set out by the DVSA to be deemed fit to drive.

It is a compulsory test required for vehicles that use the road and must be repeated on an annual basis. It is illegal to drive your car in the UK without a valid MOT certificate. Brand new cars are exempt from MOT testing until the 3rd year, after which they must also be tested annually. As the vehicle owner it is your responsibility to ensure that your car is tested and reaches the required safety standards each year.

You can find out when your next MOT test is due, by checking your MOT certificate. You can get your car tested up to 28 days before the date on the certificate without losing any days for having the vehicle tested earlier.

MOT Protection Offer

If you get your smart serviced and MOT tested at a smart approved retailer*, you will receive up to £750 (inc. VAT) off repair work for any items that would cause the vehicle to fail its MOT. To find out more about servicing your smart car, visit the smart servicing page.

*At participating retailers only.






What are the differences between an MOT for an EV and a diesel or petrol car?




During an MOT for EV’s, diesel and petrol cars, the tester checks the car’s lamps, reflectors and electrical equipment, steering and suspension, brakes, seat belts and restraint systems and the driver’s view of the road.

However, unlike an MOT for a petrol or diesel car, electric cars don’t need to have an emissions test, meaning that your smart car is even more likely to pass its MOT first time.


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