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Thank you for choosing Finance by smart, the perfect solution to compliment your smart driving experience.

In this Welcome guide you will find a helpful summary of your finance agreement, as well as a wealth of useful information and details of key services to help you on your journey with smart.


Looking after your smart

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Service your smart at a smart Retailer

We want your smart to keep performing at its best and giving you maximum enjoyment throughout your journey. To preserve the high levels of safety and reliability you expect from smart, make sure your vehicle receives regular servicing and maintenance at an authorised smart service partner. There’s a wide network of authorised smart service partners to choose from, and because each of them has special facilities and skilled smart-trained technicians, you can be confident that your vehicle will always be expertly serviced and repaired.

Locate a Retailer
Avoid using automated car wash machines

Frequent use of automated car washes will damage the paintwork. Strong chemicals detract from the paintwork’s shine, so avoid using household washing-up liquids. We recommend you use smart approved car shampoo.

Check your tyre pressure

Incorrect tyre pressure increases your fuel consumption, can increase tyre wear and causes your smart to handle poorly and can lead to blowouts.

Prevent stone chips

One of the hazards of everyday motoring is stone chips. You can reduce this occurrence by leaving a greater distance from the vehicle in front of you. The proper braking distance can diminish chips by 80%.

Repair stone chips immediately

It doesn’t take long for a stone chip to develop into a rusty spider under the paint. Please ask your local smart Retailer to undertake any minor repairs, which will cost less than if the chips are allowed to become rusty.

Clean the interior regularly

Make sure that any floor mats supplied with your smart remain in the vehicle. If they wear through, arrange with an approved smart Retailer to replace them.