Transmission solutions by smart.

smart fortwo coupé

Geared for relaxation.

In typical stop & go city traffic gear shifting should be as comfortable as possible. Which is why the smart fortwo has a clutchless automated manual 5-speed transmission that takes the strain out of gear shifting.
With the softip manual gear-shifting function, you simply tap the gear lever forwards (+) to shift up a gear.

And backwards to shift down again (-). Thanks to the kick-down function you can automatically shift down one or two gears at any time by pressing the pedal to the floor. And if you fancy taking it easy, you can leave the gear-changing to the softouch automatic gear programme.

smart fortwo – softip manual gear shifting

softip: manual gear shifting.

Change gears comfortably without any clutchwork by lightly tapping the shift lever. softip comes as standard with all equipment lines.

smart fortwo – softouch automatic gearshift programme

softouch: automatic gear programme.

Selects the ideal shift point. This feature is simply activated at the touch of a button – and needless to say, you can also change gear manually at any time using softip. softouch comes as standard with the passion, BRABUS and BRABUS Xclusive equipment lines.

smart fortwo – steering wheel gearshift

Steering wheel gearshift: the sporty addition.

The shift paddles on the steering wheel allow you to change gear Formula One-style – and you can switch to the standard shift lever alternative at any time.

Steering wheel gearshift is a standard feature in the pulse, BRABUS and BRABUS Xclusive equipment lines.