Handing the responsibility to others can be a sign of responsibility.

Our service products ensure that your vehicle is in top condition – at fixed and manageable costs.

Service contract.

The advantages – black on white.

Concluding a service contract offers you further benefits as you can use the extensive Mercedes-Benz services whilst only paying a fixed monthly instalment. Alternatively, it is also possible to pay the actual costs incurred.

Maintenance and repair.

Your vehicle is in the best hands.

Cut down on running costs. A fixed monthly payment covers all regular maintenance costs and expenses for the repair of worn parts. Your vehicle is always perfectly maintained and repaired with Mercedes-Benz genuine parts. Naturally in premium quality. 

Warranty extension.

Long-term protection.

Everything has its time. Including the manufacturer’s warranty. We recommend following this up with a warranty extension. So that you continue to be protected against unforeseen repairs in the event of technical defects even in years to come. And against unexpected costs – thanks to a constant monthly payment. 

Further information.

Your local smart dealer

Your local smart dealer.


Then simply visit your local smart partner for advice. The sales team will be pleased to make you an offer tailored to your needs.

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Mercedes-Benz Financial.

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