Committing yourself can mean more freedom.

Why not pay for your new or used car in easy, manageable monthly instalments and at attractive rates of interest? Child’s play with Mercedes-Benz Financial’s tailor-made financing offers.

Mercedes-Benz Billån - You own the car, we finance it.

Thinking about buying a smart? 
Then you’ll get comfort, quality and safety upon purchase. At the same time, why not finance your new car with a finance company that knows your car?

Billån is a well-known way of financing cars. With Mercedes-Benz Finans you also get a partner who knows the car’s value. Billån can be customised to suits your needs. Private individuals can borrow up to 80% of the price of the car and business owners 100%. You can choose to pay off the whole of your loan during the contract or after the contract period has finished have a residual debt equivalent to the expected market value. You can also link to a finance-linked insurance policy and a service agreement to your financing so that everything is gathered together on one and the same invoice.

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Your local smart dealer

Your local smart dealer.


Then simply visit your local smart partner for advice. The sales team will be pleased to make you an offer tailored to your needs.

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Mercedes-Benz Financial

Mercedes-Benz Financial.

If you have lots of plans you need a strong financial service provider. Mercedes-Benz Finans Sverige AB helps you to stay financially flexible at all times.

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