smart leasing offers

Small instalments can have big advantages.

Leasing is an interesting alternative to cash payment. You only pay for the use of the vehicle and thus benefit from low monthly instalments. If the vehicle is used commercially the instalments are fully tax-deductible. You benefit from products that give you financial flexibility.

Leasing offers.

smart Finance Leasing

Finance Leasing – financing with a difference.

Find out more about a form of leasing that offers you additional tax advantages. Our Finance Leasing allows you – as the beneficial owner of your vehicle – to deduct monthly instalments from tax as operating expenses if the vehicle is used commercially, and at the end of the contract period you can freely dispose of the vehicle.

smart Operating Leasing

Operating Leasing – count on lots of freedom.

With Operating Leasing you simply return the vehicle to the dealer at the end of the contract period. This enables you to use your vehicle without a residual value risk and without tying up capital – at clearly calculable leasing instalments that are tax-deductible as operating expenses if you use the vehicle for business purposes.

smart Full-Service Leasing

Full-Service Leasing – the all-inclusive package: leasing including service.

Leasing is easy on your wallet, and the other benefits of Full-Service-Leasing make your everyday life easier. From maintenance to repairs, tyres, taxes and Motor Insurance – with Full-Service Leasing everything is included. And that naturally also applies to constant instalments at attractive terms.


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