smart insurance products

Peace of mind can be very liberating.

Safety and flexibility now go hand in hand. Our insurance products offer you attractive benefits at fair premiums so that you can enjoy carefree driving pleasure in your smart.

Insurance products.

smart Motor Insurance

Motor Insurance – always well prepared.

Our Motor Insurance provides extensive third-party and comprehensive insurance cover.Together with relevant safety equipment and a leasing or financing contract you benefit from attractive terms.

smart Payment Protection Insurance

Payment Protection Insurance – the instalment is paid. And you are covered.

Be prepared for anything. Including loss of income if you are unable to work due to illness, an accident or invalidity. In such cases Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) covers the financial obligations from your leasing or financing contract.

smart Return to Invoice & GAP

Return to Invoice & GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) – pays off in the event of a claim.

No additional costs in the event of total loss of a leased or financed vehicle: Return to Invoice & GAP covers the difference between the book value and the replacement value paid by the insurer. This enables you to avoid unforeseen financial costs in the event of total loss. The extended Return to Invoice cover settles the difference between the purchase price and the replacement value, creating liquidity for a smart successor vehicle.