The starting signal for made-to-measure individuality.

Dreams can be realised, and cars can be made truly personal and unique. Let your imagination run wild and contact your smart dealer to arrange an in-depth consultation. Your dealer will provide you with advice and support, and help you to create your very own personal smart fortwo or smart fortwo cabrio. And in next to no time you'll be able to take a seat behind the wheel of your dream car.

Advice and planning.
To start with, choose your favourite model from the passion, prime and proxy lines. Then select your desired options. Your dealer will then advise you on the combination of smart BRABUS tailor made packages and the customisation of details. Your smart BRABUS tailor made configuration will be taken into account directly in the production process when you order your new vehicle.

Your personal vehicle configuration will be realised with lots of attention to detail and expert craftsmanship – for accuracy and a precise fit. Depending on the scope of individualisation, 4 - 6 weeks are needed for this in addition to the standard delivery time.

Your new smart fortwo | tailor made or smart fortwo cabrio | tailor made awaits you at your smart dealer. It goes without saying that all modifications carried out within the framework of the smart BRABUS tailor made programme are covered by all smart guarantees and services.

smart BRABUS tailor made – green-yellow

The route to your dream car.

smart fortwo cabrio | tailor made – exterior

Your customisation options for the exterior.

Do you think that an impressive look starts with the exterior? Then make a start with the tailor made colour package. Choose your favourite colour for the bodypanels and radiator trim. If you want, you can select a further colour for the tridion safety cell.

The alloy wheels can also be enhanced in line with your ideas. And if you want to influence the shapes as well as the colours, then the exterior style packageis just right for you.

smart BRABUS tailor made – interior

Your customisation options for the interior.

Neither are there any limits to your creativity when it comes to the interior. The starting point is the tailor made leather package with 30 leather colours. In addition, you can personalise the steering wheel rim including topstitching with the leather package option.

With the interior colour package you can also choose your favourite colour for the accent trim parts. And the interior style package from BRABUS lends the interior extra sportiness.

Available tailor made style packages.

Your recipe for a unique statement: the style packages which we have put together for you combine a number of attractive tailor made packages which you will find in the Configurator for your smart fortwo. Let us inspire you as you explore our suggestions for exclusive equipment variants.

smart BRABUS tailor made – tridion style package

A feast for the eyes.

The tridion & style package puts safety first and cuts a fine figure in the process.


  • Customised paint finish for tridion safety cell
  • Interior colour package
  • Interior style package
smart BRABUS tailor made – leather and style package

Anything but ordinary.

With the leather & style package, true beauty comes from within: inviting, plush and tasteful.


  • leather package
  • customised leather on steering wheel rim
  • Interior colour package
  • Interior style package
smart BRABUS tailor made – colour and style package

Colour up your life!

The colour & style package is perfect for those who take a colourful and upbeat approach to motoring.


  • tailor made colour package
  • Exterior style package 
  • Interior colour package
  • Interior style package