Service contracts.

smart – service contracts

Everything taken care of, right from the word go.

Maximise the enjoyment of driving your new smart:

opt for a smart service contract for total peace of mind. There's one to suit you whatever your budget and your needs – extended warranty with the Advance service contract, a maintenance package with the Compact service contract, maintenance including defined repair of worn parts with the Compact Plus service contract or an all-inclusive carefree package with the Excellent service contract.

Choose the smart way to avoid additional garage costs, as unforeseen repairs, maintenance or wearing parts are already covered, depending on the service contract you select.

Service contracts at a glance.

smart – Advance service contract

The Advance service contract.

With the Advance service contract you continue to be protected even after the manufacturer's warranty expires, so you won't get stung by unforeseen repair costs.

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smart – Compact service contract

The Compact service contract.

Keep your smart in tip-top condition from the word go: the Compact service contract covers all maintenance work for the duration of the contract. This is a valuable long-term investment which will ensure that your vehicle retains its value.

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smart – Compact Plus service contract

The Compact Plus service contract.

The Compact Plus service contract Plus offers you all the advantages of the Compact contract. The repair of worn parts specified in the contract, which are fully covered during the term of the contract, give you additional safety.

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smart – Excellent service contract

The Excellent service contract.

Sit back and relax with the Excellent service contract – we'll take care of everything. The fixed monthly payment covers the warranty extension as well as all maintenance and service work, including repair of worn parts.

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