The smart vision EQ fortwo.

The future will be exciting.

How do we want to be mobile in the city tomorrow? Do we still need to own cars? And how can traffic be made more efficient? Intelligent solutions start with the right questions.

The smart vision EQ fortwo is our answer to the  challenges in the cities. It is more than just a car. It is our vision for tomorrow's urban mobility. Join us in looking into an exciting future.

The beauty of the future is: We can shape it.

show car - more freedom

Less ownership. More freedom.

We already let our apartments via app, work in co-working spaces and rent a vehicle for our weekend shopping on the spot. When everything is available at any time, we no longer need to own it. In the city of tomorrow, cars will be shared, and more efficiently than ever. And one is always there when we need it.

Less traffic. More city.

Space in the cities is more and more at a premium. At the same time, the need for mobility is growing. We already notice today that traffic in the present form is reaching its limits. We want to rid the cities of unnecessary traffic and vehicles, and give urban living space back to the people – with intelligent, efficient and autonomous traffic.

show car - more city
show car - give more

Take less. Give more.

Electric mobility makes the cities cleaner and quieter. Can it do even more beyond that – give something back, for example? We want electric mobility to achieve more: It can be an intelligent energy reservoir and thereby contribute to the energy revolution.

The mobility of tomorrow.

How can we make urban mobility intelligent, efficient and sustainable? The smart vision EQ fortwo concept vehicle provides an answer to the questions of tomorrow's mobility.

The car will become autonomous.

The smart vision EQ fortwo is constantly on the move. It picks you up autonomously, takes you where you want to go, and is then ready again for the next passenger. Mobility turns into free time that can be used as we please – for communication, work or entertainment, for example. Urban traffic turns into city flow: intelligently controlled, efficient traffic.

Mobility becomes electric.

With its electric powertrain, the smart vision EQ fortwo is locally emission-free. The vehicle independently recharges its battery at wireless charging stations spread out across the city. Not only can it can charge up with energy, it can also give it back when needed – and thereby support the energy revolution as an intelligent electricity reservoir.

Traffic becomes intelligent.

The smart vision EQ fortwo is always where it is needed: The vehicles of the fleet move about the city fully autonomously and interconnected, and always keep learning. Concerts, rush hour or shopping centre: Thanks to big data and swarm intelligence, the fleet already knows ahead of time where and when mobility is needed.

Sharing becomes more convenient than ever.

The smart vision EQ fortwo rings in a new era of carsharing: You don't need to find an unoccupied car – the car finds you. Thanks to swarm intelligence, the smart vision EQ fortwo is likely already very near you when you need it. In addition, the 1+1 sharing option provides the possibility to share the vehicle with a second passenger travelling a similar route (and maybe even pursuing similar interests).

Every vehicle becomes yours.

The interface between the vehicle and you is your personal mobile device. The infotainment, the communication options and the interior cater to your preferences and interests, and thereby make the smart vision EQ fortwo your vehicle for the time being.

The smart vision EQ fortwo.