World premiere for smart electric drive.

smart electric drive – Paris Motor Show

Paris – a city of millions with grand visions for sustainable mobility. The perfect stage for a very special world premiere. smart unveiled its new smart electric drive models to the public for the first time in September at the Paris Motor Show, where electric mobility was a central theme.

Just back from the acid test in Arizona, our brand-new electric city runabouts demonstrated their strengths at the show. True to form for smart, the main focus of these strengths is in urban driving.

smart fortwo electric drive – power consumption (combined): 12.9 kWh/100 km, CO2 emissions (combined): 0 g/km.
smart fortwo cabrio electric drive – power consumption (combined): 13.0 kWh/100 km, CO2 emissions (combined): 0 g/km.
smart forfour electric drive – power consumption (combined): 13.1 kWh/100 km, CO2 emissions (combined): 0 g/km.

En ekte smart, med byen som sitt naturlige revir.

smart fortwo electric drive – Paris Motor Show

Liten, smidig og spesielt utviklet for bytrafikken. Også de lokalt utslippsfrie smart electric drive-modellene er ekte smart tvers gjennom.

Perfekt blanding av rekkevidde og ladetid.
Kort ladetid kombinert med tilstrekkelig rekkevidde for kjøreturer i byen. Denne suksessoppskriften til smart electric drive overbeviser de besøkende på messen. Utviklerne kunne bygge på erfaringen fra de siste modellgenerasjonene. Da batteriene er kompakte, kan førerne glede seg over dynamisk akselerasjon og ekstra mye kjøreglede fra første meter - kombinert med en ladekapasitet som er ideelt tilpasset byens krav.

All models go electric.

"smart is going all in!" – this is how Daimler boss Dr Dieter Zetsche sums up the strategy at the press conference. smart is the only car manufacturer to offer an electric drive option across its entire model range. This means plenty of choice for people to find the perfect electric car to suit their individual needs. There is also a world first, in the guise of the only electric cabriolet on the market. Our visitors could hardly wait for it to hit the dealerships. "Perfect for the summer – it looks like a whole lot of fun." The smart fortwo electric drive is also an all-round impressive proposition. Just like its conventionally powered counterpart, it boasts a record-breaking turning circle of only 6.95 m. And the smart forfour electric drive gets four people from A to B with barely a sound – and with the same agility as the two-seater.

The visitors are electrified.

With the fourth generation of the smart electric drive we have raised our own standards a good deal higher once again. The new models boast improved ride comfort, reduced charging times and a host of other innovations. Our discussions with visitors to the show who were able to experience the new electric runabout live confirmed that we are very much on the right lines.

"The perfect city car is that little bit more perfect with an electric drive," enthuses smart boss Dr Annette Winkler.

smart forfour electric drive – Paris Motor Show
smart fortwo cabrio electric drive – Paris Motor Show

Pioneers raring to go.

Not long now before the new smart electric drive models hit the city roads – and at attractive prices. The market launch will get underway at the beginning of 2017. 

"Wow. Functional and trendy in one." "The perfect car for people who live in Paris or any other large city", was the initial reaction.