The smart EQ control app.

Chocks away for an intelligent link: The smart EQ control app brings electrifying mobility to your smartphone. Once smart EQ fortwo and forfour drivers have defined their personal vehicle, the app offers access to numerous intelligent features. iOS and Android users can keep tabs on the current status of their vehicle at all times and control a host of functions via their mobile device.

At a glance.

The smart EQ control app at a glance

Drivers of electric vehicles are always keen to know about the charge level of their battery. You now have access to this information at all times, smart EQ control keeps you up to date on the status of your vehicle and the charge status of your battery as well as providing access to numerous public charging stations through our partner, Plugsurfing. The app additionally offers handy features such as pre-entry climate control or the charging plan function. On the basis of day/night electricity rates, the user can decide just when their smart EQ fortwo or forfour is to be charged.

The illustration shows a special model.

Access to Europe' largest charging network.


With the smart EQ control app you can use more than 80,000 charging points throughout Europe – courtesy of the smart charging service in cooperation with Plugsurfing. Compare prices, check the availability of charging stations in real time and start charging processes with a click of a button.

Everything in sight and under control: The smart EQ control app pools numerous intelligent features in a single application. From analysis of your driving style through pre-entry climate control to push messages in case of low tyre pressure: the app keeps you in contact with your vehicle at all times – as your perfect everyday digital companion, fully in touch with your electric smart.

E-mobility when you're out and about: controlling vehicle functions.

smart charging plan function
smart pre-entry climate control

smart charging plan function

Electric mobility is good for the climate – inside your car, too. You can use the smart EQ control app to time pre-entry climate controlI forbindelse med standardspesifikasjonen er omfanget av denne tjenesten begrenset til funksjonen "Umiddelbar forhåndskontroll av klimaanlegget". according to pre-set departure times or simply start the pre-entry function directly. This ensures that every trip will begin with a pleasant temperature inside the car.

smart pre-entry climate control.

From remaining charging time to charging capacity – with the smart EQ control app you can keep tabs on the charging process, too. The app also offers an intelligent means of planning your charging: smart charging enables you to restrict charging to particularly low night-time rates, for example.

Driving fun with added intelligence: your eco score.

e-mobility eco score

The eco score shows smart EQ fortwo or forfour drivers how economical their driving style is in their electric car – thanks to an anticipatory approach or avoiding driving at high speeds over long stretches, for example. The analysed data are shown in the app and an anonymous comparison with other drivers encourages continual efforts to improve.

App to date: your current vehicle status.

e-mobility eco status

From the charge status of the high-voltage battery through the current range to the efficiency of your driving style: all the key information relating to your e-vehicle is available to you any time, anywhere. Use is intuitive and via a personalised user interface customised completely to your needs. Warnings and push notifications are additionally provided in case of critical vehicle statuses or difficult weather conditions.

smart EQ control app – quick start guide.

Using the smart EQ control app is so easy

1. Define your smart EQ fortwo or forfour in the smart portal.

2. Carry out verification at your smart dealership.

3. Activate services.

4. Install app and away you go.

The complete scope of functions offered by the app is dependent on the model year and the equipment of your electric vehicle. You also require an active (free) account at the smart portal and you need to accept the relevant Terms of Use. You can view these at any time in the portal or in the app.