Glass repair, replacement.

smart - glass damage

We only use original car windows from the car manufacturer.

When your smart needs to get repaired or some parts need to be replaced, we will only use genuine parts so as to not decrease the value of your car.

We will check form, dimension and position of the damages on your windscreen on the basis of legal requirments. The type and scope of the repair/replacement will be discussed with you.

Your expenses will depend on two factors:

  • Is it possible to fix the damage or is a replacement inevitable?
  • Will the insurance cover the glass damage?

If your insurance covers glass damages, the repair will be free of charge in general and won't affect your insurance rate. Does the windscreen have to be replaced? The insurance will cover the expenses and you might have to pay an agreed retention without having to upgrade your insurance.

If your insurance should not cover glass damages, we will prepare a cost estimate for you.