Warranty package.

smart warranty package

smart warranty package.

Repairs usually come when least expected – and when least convenient. The smart warranty package provides you with the protection you need to keep enjoying your smart fortwo for many years to come.

The smart warranty package (for 12 or 24 months) is the follow-on warranty for new vehicles once the smart new vehicle warranty has expired. You can also extend your smart warranty package by a further 12 months on request – for up to 10 years after initial registration.

More information.

Your advantages.
Extensive warranty coverage. The warranty offers complete protection and largely corresponds to the scope of the new car warranty except for a small number of wearing parts. This means that the smart warranty package offers much the same peace of mind as a new car.

Helps to keep your smart in perfect working order.
With us, your smart is in the very best hands. If you have your smart regularly serviced by one of our qualified service teams, you will help to maintain its value and secure a good price should you ever wish to sell it privately. The smart warranty package is perfect for this as it covers all repair work for all electrical and mechanical components (in accordance with the terms of the smart warranty package).

Warranty contracts.
A smart warranty package contract can be concluded within 24 months of initial registration or, in the case of used vehicles, during the term of the Europe warranty. The extension option applies to all cars that have an existing smart Warranty Plus and that are not older than 10 years from the date of initial registration. Your local smart partner will be happy to provide you with detailed information on the options that are available to you.

The smart warranty package provides you with warranty coverage throughout Europe.

The smart warranty package is tied to the vehicle and will pass to the new owner if the vehicle is sold.

Kind to your wallet.
When it comes to repair costs, the smart warranty package covers all labour costs – even, needless to say, when your vehicle has suffered damage in a number of places. Only when you have driven your smart over 50,000 km will you have to contribute to the material costs (only) – the size of the contribution is determined by a scale based on the number of kilometres actually driven.

Vehicles covered by warranties. A smart warranty package is available for the following models: smart fortwo coupé and smart fortwo cabrio.No guarantee can be given for vehicles that are used as taxis, rental cars, self-drive rental cars, driving school cars and for commercial passenger transport; that are sold to commercial resellers; that are registered by distribution partners of Daimler AG; that are not registered in the EU, Switzerland or Norway; with uprated engines (with the exception of BRABUS models) and special series.

Unlimited mileage.
The smart warranty package applies during the chosen term, regardless of how many kilometres are driven during this period.

Prerequisite for the continued validity of the smart warranty package.
The only conditions are that the maintenance intervals and care activities specified by the manufacturer are adhered to and that this work is carried out by your smart dealer or by any other authorised smart service partner.

With the warranty package, you can be sure of services in smart quality – while keeping your costs down. We would be happy to advise you on all details and further advantages.