Winter? Check!

smart – GSP autumn winter

The autumn/winter check for your smart.

Autumn and winter are sure to arrive at some point – and with them come wet leaves, poor visibility, slush and snow. No big deal for a small car backed by big service – genuine smart service ensures that nothing spoils your winter enjoyment.

To get your smart in top shape in good time for the cold and wet, we now perform a point-for-point check that includes the braking system, the battery, the service fluids, the windscreen, the wipers and the tyres among other things.

The offer is valid for the smart fortwo (series 450) up to build year 03/2007, the smart fortwo (series 451) from build year 04/2007 to 06/2014, all smart fortwo cabriolets (series 451), the smart electric drive models and the smart forfour (series 454) from build year 01/2004 to 06/2006.


smart – brake pad

Safe braking – but of course!

Genuine smart brake discs and pads with high braking power ensure short stopping distances. Because quick and prompt braking is essential when driving at inner-city speeds, too. Make sure you get your new brake pads fitted in good time – at your genuine smart service.

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smart – brake shoes

Good for a quick stop.

genuine smart brake shoes with high braking power and low wear ensure a long service life. Insist on quality brakes – from your genuine smart service.

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smart – windscreen wipers

A clear view.

Thanks to genuine smart windscreen wipers with maintenance indicator (front) and quality materials that ensure a long service life, you won't miss a thing – including traffic lights. Get yours from your genuine smart service – for a clear and uninterrupted view at all times.

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smart – battery

A full dose of energy.

The city is full of energy. What about your smart? Get a genuine maintenance-free battery from your genuine smart service – for reliable starting every time, even at sub-zero temperatures.

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smart – wheels

Stay in contact at all times.

smart complete wheels offer optimal grip – even in ice and snow.

A safe bet for getting through the winter: complete winter wheels for smart (series 451) – 9-spoke wheels in titanium silver, 5.5 J x 15 ET 22 with Bridgestone Blizzak LM20, 175/55 R15 77T.

The all-inclusive package.
Your wheels and tyres are in good hands with us. We fit your winter wheels, store your summer wheels for 6 months, and check the tyre tread and inflation pressure. Leaving you to focus on the really important things in winter – like the next snowball fight.

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Nothing to make you shiver despite the cold.

smart – maintenance

If the winter places high demands on your smart, you should demand a lot when it comes to service: Our comprehensive winter check involves checking your smart from the roof to the wheels to spot any possible defects and put them right straight away. After all, regular checks are the only way to make sure that your smart retains its values, not least its resale value. So come and see your genuine smart service team before the onset of winter  – to make sure you get away easily every time when the snow hits the roads.

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