Engines and motors.

smart engines and motors

Our drive

For conventional and electric mobility alike: our engines and motors combine top performance with plenty of driving enjoyment wherever you roam in the city.

The motor is also key to agility: its rear-mounted position makes the extremely compact design possible.

The engines and motors.

smart electric motor

The 60 kW electric motor.

Full torque from the very first turn of the motor – and seamless acceleration right from the off. Electric mobility stands for a whole new way of driving, and plenty of fun at the wheel into the bargain. And all this virtually without a sound.

smart engines and motors

The 52 kW engine.

The 52 kW engine with three cylinders ensures plenty of fun behind the wheel – and contributes to the low overall weight of the smart. This is because the lightweight design results in lower fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions. And this benefits not only the environment, but you too, thanks to lower petrol costs.

The 66 kW turbo engine.
The 66 kW three-cylinder turbo engine guarantees sporty and dynamic driving enjoyment – even on short journeys. And thanks to the efficient acceleration you reach your destination even more quickly.

Automatic start/stop system.
A standard feature: the automatic start/stop system automatically shuts down the engine when the vehicle is stationary – thus reducing fuel consumption. If desired, the automatic start/stop system can be manually deactivated via a switch.

Technical data.

All the data at a glance.
You’ll find all the information on the smart models on the technical data sheet.