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On all your daily routes? And more.

Once fully charged, the smart electric drive models offer up to 160 km of range for the city. That's more than enough to be out and about all day without having to think about the battery. Take a guess:how many kilometres do you drive on a typical day in the city?


One day with the smart electric drive.

smart electric drive in front of the garage







7.30 a.m.: Good morning!

The battery of the smart electric drive is freshly charged.

0 km.







8 a.m.: Breakfast in your favourite café.

Ready for the day.

1 km.


Breakfast in your favourite café.
In the office





10 a.m.: Off to the office.

A fun drive there. And then the perfect presentation. No problem!

8 km.





12 noon: Short sprint in the park.

The car still has loads of charge.

11 km.

Jogging in the park
smart fortwo electric drive with shopping bags





3 p.m.: Shopping in the centre.

Large shopping bags. Tight parking spaces. No problem.

12 km.





6 p.m.: Sushi with friends.

The battery still doesn't need a top-up.

17 km.

Sushi for dinner
In the cinema





8 p.m.: Blockbuster in your favourite cinema.

Suspense in the cinema. And on the road.

20 km.





11 p.m.: Back to the power socket.

Driver: Exhausted. Battery: Still has plenty of energy.

25 km.

smart electric drive in front of the garage


From product management.

How far can you go in the new smart electric drive models – and for whom is an electric car ideal? The product manager for the smart electric drive models answers these and other questions.

What role does product management play for the smart electric drive?

As product manager I am something of a spokesperson for our customers.It is my job to ensure that the final product is precisely tailored to their needs.


What expectations do smart customers have of electric cars?
Our customers drive in the city. And we have radically designed the new electric models for this mode of use.We wanted to once again deliver all of the positive city genes we already had with the combustion engine models.

Radically designed for the city – what does that mean?

We put our all into making sure that our vehicles would not get longer.And we succeeded. With the small turning circle, the agility and the comfort while parking, a smart is the perfect city car. And to add to that, it now has the perfect drive system for the city:the electric motor with its unique characteristics and acceleration.The range of the smart electric drive models is also perfectly geared towards the urban environment.Nobody drives long distances with a smart.

smart fortwo electric drive

Many people think: the more range the better.
But it only appears this way at first glance. Because extended range also means heavier batteries. In everyday usage, this means unused capacity being driven around and increasing costs. And that also applies to the purchase price.We have found the optimum for the city: enough range for everyday usage, short charging times and a low entry-level price. I think this is a very fair trade-off.


How much range is required in the city?
On average, our customers drive 35 km a day, so the 160 kilometre range of the smart electric drive models is quite a lot.When you come home in the evenings, you can simply charge up your car at your domestic socket. After such short distances, the battery is quickly recharged. The range is far enough so that you won't have to think of recharging during the day.


Can I really be sure that the range is enough?
We would never recommend someone an electric car if it did not suit them – for example because they need more range than the average user.Our smart dealers are specifically trained in this regard.After all, we want satisfied customers. We will also offer the chance to test your favourite model for a day, experience it and see how it fits into your everyday life.

Is it hard to change from "refuelling" to "charging"?
Put simply:No. We have gained much experience with the drivers of our previous three electric vehicle generations.At the beginning, they kept a very close eye on the range indicator and recharged at home straight away.After just a short while, the relaxation phase set in. They knew that they were well able to manage with the available range and that they do not have to recharge every day.


So you can simply enjoy the driving fun?
Exactly. Once the driver has got to know the car, they simply enjoy it.There is no better fun to be had than driving an electric car. In comparison to the predecessor, the new smart electric drive models have become even more mature, the handling characteristics even more grown-up.Our previous experience helped in this: it is, after all, our fourth model generation.And everyone who steps on the accelerator for the first time and experiences the silent acceleration immediately has a smile on their face.It's lots of fun, and what's more locally emission free.

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