smart electric symphony.

Electrifying music.

Where better than the heart of Berlin to set the stage for a new generation of electric cars? At the Festival of Lights smart turned its new electric drive models into musical instruments to redefine the term "electronic music" in a unique new guise. smart and DJ Chris Bekker electrified the whole of Berlin with spectacular choreography composed of electricity and pulsating lightning flashes. A bold idea:


A larger-than-life mixing desk on which the smart electric drive models become faders. Giant high-voltage coils that transmit power current to the smart vehicles, electrifying them and generating unique sounds. And DJ Chris Bekker on the decks, controlling the singing flashes of lightning – live. A new piece of music is created – a totally new type of spectacular show combining energy, light and music. Experience the smart electric symphony once again in the full-length video!

DJ Chris Bekker – smart electric symphony

On board for the show: Electric DJ Chris Bekker.

The popular Berlin DJ was thrilled when we approached him with the idea. "I was immediately fascinated when smart asked me to create a musical composition using cars and high-voltage coils as instruments. No-one has ever done anything similar," says Bekker, who also contributed the official song to the Festival of Lights.

Chris Bekker is a leading figure in the DJ scene. Since 2010 the artist from Paul van Dyk's label Vandit Records has been representing the German capital at gigs in the world's biggest clubs – from Brussels to Cologne and Milan. He also heads the globally active corporate sound agency "klang ID Berlin" and teaches sound and neuromarketing at two Berlin universities.

The whole team is electrified.

Tough tests had to be completed before Chris Bekker could hit the larger-than-life faders with his self-penned composition. The team of sound, stage and lighting technicians spent months fine-tuning the set-up and control of the complex installation. Challengingly, this was the first time in the world that four high-voltage coils had been linked up. Operating these coils, controlling the generated sounds and combining them with music to form a symbiosis was no mean feat. Nothing comparable has ever been done.

"The lightning flashes were incredible.
It blew me away."

On the decks – smart electric symphony

The show captured the brand's DNA to perfection.

The Festival of Lights, at which renowned light artists transform the German capital into a glowing spectacle, provides the ideal backdrop for the new smart electric drive models. The electric cars for the city are showcased in familiar territory for smart drivers: downtown Berlin. And Chris Bekker has created the perfect sound for the occasion that chimes in perfectly with the character of smart: urbane as Berlin, electronically innovative and full of energy. Everything went off perfectly. "I've never seen anything so fantastic!" says one of several hundred people after the show. "The lightning flashes were incredible. It really blew me away."

Those who were not at the venue were able to follow the breathtaking show live on the Facebook and Instagram social media channels.

More in store from the electrifying stars.
The smart electric symphony was the first major appearance by the new smart electric drive fleet in Germany, shortly after the world premiere in Paris. The new electric models will be putting in numerous appearances up to the market launch in the spring of 2017. Prepare to be electrified!

Interview with the people that made it happen.

Andreas Korth from the company Effektschmiede and DJ Chris Bekker on the symbiosis of electricity and music.

"I was immediately fascinated when smart asked me to create a musical composition using cars and high-voltage coils as instruments. No-one has ever done anything similar." – DJ Chris Bekker

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