The dancing traffic light manikin.

FOR a safer city.

How can we make our cities safer places? For example, with traffic light manikins who entertain waiting pedestrians. Discover our "dancing traffic light manikins".


Mind opener backstage.

Discover the story behind the dancing traffic light manikin in our making-of. With more pictures, information and an exclusive look behind the scenes.

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All mind openers.

FOR a new urban joy.

It is ideas that make our cities better places. For more joie de vivre. For more sustainability. For more fun. Discover our "mind openers" – urban experiments for a better future for the city.

The football vending machine

The football vending machine.

smart presents: the world's biggest vending machine – filled with footballs. For more smiles in the city.

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The greatest smart of all time

The greatest smart of all time.

The new smart generation will change city life. See the exclusive preview here.

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