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Up to 140-153 miles[2] [3] driving range.

A smart EQ forfour on a road with the city in the background.
A smart EQ forfour leaving a city.
A smart EQ forfour on a country road.

Plenty of energy.

For weekdays and weekends.

Friday: short trips.

Driving in the city is easy with an electric car.

Saturday: longer journeys.

You can even venture into the country with an electric car.

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How your smart saves money.

A finger is pointing at ECO mode.
A smart EQ forfour following another car and using radar-based recuperation.

Eco mode.

A whole range of energy-saving functions at the touch of a button.

Radar-based recuperation.

Your smart selects the ideal level of energy recuperation according to the given traffic situation.

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A young woman with a smartphone in front of a grid.

Personal consultation.

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