Innovative charge management.

smart fortwo electric drive

Quick, convenient and intelligent.

Electricity is a wonderful invention. Not only can it be generated by environmentally friendly means, it is also cheap and available virtually anywhere – at home, at work and at public charging stations.

This makes you all the more flexible, as you decide where to charge your smart fortwo electric drive. What's more, using your smartphone, tablet or PC, you can check and manage functions such as the battery state-of-charge, remaining range and charging time online any time and anywhere.


smart fortwo electric drive coupé - charging
smart fortwo electric drive - charge in 7 hours


You can charge the smart fortwo electric drive at any normal 230 V domestic socketBuilding installation requirements: In Germany: 230 V socket – 16 A fuse. A typical type 13 domestic socket may only be loaded with a low constant current. For emergency charging at faultless building installations in exceptional cases, an optional adapter is available for type 13 sockets. The manufacturer does not accept any liability for possible damage and consequential damage caused by use of the adapter. Moreover, the charging time increases to approximately 12 hours.. With the standard 3.3 kW on-board charger, the battery can be fully charged again in around seven hours. Partial charging is also possible at any time.

smart fortwo electric drive - charge in 6 hours

Faster charging.

With a permanently installed quick-charging station – known as a “wallbox” – at home or at work you can fully recharge the battery in around six hours using a 1-phase AC power cable. Scope of delivery includes: 230 V charging cable for normal charging. The 1-phase and 3-phase AC cable for charging at a wallbox and/or at public charging stations are not included in the scope of delivery and can be ordered, for example as part of the wallbox service. The same time is needed to charge the vehicle at most of the ever-growing public network of public charging stations.

smart fortwo electric drive - charge in 1 hour

Even faster charging.

With the optional 22 kW on-board charger and a wallbox with a 3-phase connection (or one of the many public charging stations available), the battery can be fully recharged in around an hour with a 3-phase AC power cable.

The wallbox and wallbox service.

smart fortwo electric drive - charging

You have a choice of three wallboxes:
Basic, Connected or Connectivity Plus.

Basic speeds up charging by providing power output of up to 22 kW.

Connected also provides an internet connection, even in places where no mobile reception is available, so that you can manage the charge functions online via the smart vehicle homepage whenever you choose. Find out more about the smart vehicle homepage here.

Connectivity Plus is the charge management system designed for fleets. It enables several vehicles to be charged at the same time via a common server. If required, individual vehicles can be prioritised in the charge management. smart provides the complete wallbox service consisting of advice, infrastructure check and installation together with the specialist cooperation partner Bosch.

Going places.

A car that doesn't cramp your style. With a range of 145 km, the smart fortwo electric drive is not only perfect for everyday driving around town – a single battery charge also gives you enough energy for spontaneous trips.

smart fortwo electric drive - range