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Variety of paint colours.

Electric cars often lack colour. Not so with smart: you can always combine two colours. There are just so many possibilities - one electric smart rarely looks quite like another.


Recurrent features such as the dynamic sweep or the honeycomb pattern are smart hallmarks. Generously proportioned fabric-upholstered surfaces create an atmosphere to make you feel at home – and that offers something a bit different to the staid monotony of other electric cars.

Dashboard instrument. 

Shows you the battery charge status at a glance – and whether the vehicle is consuming or recuperating energy.

Instrument cluster. 

Provides information about available range and the car's eco score: this is a display that helps you to maintain a consistent and efficient driving style. Starting with the passion, prime and proxy equipment lines the instrument cluster takes the form of an 8.9 cm (3.5-inch) TFT colour display offering a wealth of additional information.

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Driving pleasure.


Ready, steady, power. 

Driving such an agile electric car is a pleasure right from the word go: the smart fortwo electric drive accelerates from 0 to 60 km/h in just 4.9 seconds. Driving's never been such fun - even in the rush hour.

Driving pleasure. 

Discover for yourself just how much fun electric mobility can be. With full torque on tap from the very first turn of the motor and seamless acceleration, the smart fortwo electric drive is more agile than ever.

One gear is all you need. 

For any speed. This makes a smart electric drive extremely easy to operate. The ECO button activates ECO mode, offering a number of energy-saving functions – all in the interest of increased range.

Excellent roadholding. 

The high-voltage battery is installed in the vehicle's floor for special protection. The low centre of gravity boosts driving stability and agility.

Making parking fun. 

In its electric version, too, the smart fortwo has stayed true to itself. With a length of only 2.69 m and an amazingly small turning circle of just 6.95 m the city is all yours – the tightest parking spaces included.

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Eco mode. 

Added range at the push of a button: Eco mode activates a number of energy-saving functions. Maximum recuperation, reduced cooling/heating output, a reduced top speed and a flatter accelerator curve.

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Energy for the city. 

The smart fortwo electric drive is equipped as standard with a high-capacity on-board charger. To recharge your vehicle, simply connect it to a wallbox or public charging point or at any standard domestic power socket.

Charging times. 

At public charging stations or a Wallbox, your smart fortwo electric drive is charged from 20 to 100 percent in just 3.5 hours.

The charging process. 

To charge the battery, connect the charging cable to the charging station and then to your vehicle's charge socket. The connector is locked into position automatically. An LED indicates started charging process.

The charging cables. 

You can also opt for the charging cable for domestic power sockets, which enables you to charge your vehicle at any standard domestic power socket. The optional charging cable package includes both variants.


After use, the charging cable can be stowed securely and compactly away in the boot using the charging cable bag which is provided as standard.

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High-voltage battery. 

The positioning of the HV battery in a robust frame set into the vehicle underbody offers the best possible protection from deformation in the event of a collision. The high-voltage elements switch themselves off in a collision event. The battery's low centre of gravity also noticeably improves the handling.

tridion safety cell.

Much in the same way that a nut is protected by its hard shell, the tridion safety cell made of 75 percent high-strength steel keeps its contents safe from harm. In conjunction with further components such as crash boxes and deformation elements, the tridion safety cell ensures maximum safety in a minimum of space.


As well as airbags for the driver and front passenger, the smart electric drive models come with a kneebag for the driver, two pelvis/thorax bags in the backrests of the driver's and front passenger seats, and windowbags, which deploy over the windows on the side of the vehicle affected by the impact.

Acoustic presence indicator. 

To avoid you surprising other road users, the optional acoustic presence indicator takes effect at speeds below 30 km/h. A discreet sound appropriate to the given driving situation ensures a better awareness of your vehicle's presence and improves safety for all road users.

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