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Vehicle Return Standards.

All the information you need to return your smart.

Vehicle Return Standards.

To help you check your own car, we have provided visual examples of what damage you may be charged for at the end of your contract, and what damage you may not be liable for. Not all sections have images to refer to but we hope the descriptions provided are a good guide.

Body & Paint.

There will be no charge for light damage. The most severe dents will be repaired as cost effectively as possible, but damage that has penetrated the base coat will be charged. Any vehicle wraps or livery will need to be removed and the vehicle returned to its original factory colour.

### Acceptable:

- Minor body dents, typically those caused by door-to-door contact provided that;
a) they are less than 13mm (1/2") in diameter - maximum one dent per panel to maximum of two dents per vehicle for vehicles up to two years old and four dents for vehicles over two years.
b) if more than two (or four) dents exist, the most severe should be repaired.
- Light surface scratches not through the top coat which can be removed by polishing/touch up.
- Any chipping of paintwork that can be attributed to normal usage (e.g. chips caused by stones flying off public road surfaces) provided that they do not penetrate the vehicle base coat nor show signs of corrosion.

Not acceptable:

  • Any excessive chipping of paintwork arising from non-public road use e.g. gravel drives, industrial sites or private roads.
  • Any chipping and scratching of paintwork that has penetrated the base coat and/or has caused corrosion of any kind which cannot be polished out.
  • Dents on swage lines or folder edges. Dents on high profile panels, i.e. bonnets/wheel arches,
  • Industrial, chemical fall-out or other forms of contamination.
  • Body panel misalignment not consistent with manufacturer’s finish.
  • Previous body repairs and paint rectification if there is evidence of poor colour match,ripples, preparation marks, visible overspray, masking lines or excess dirt in paint. Excess paint chips which detract from the overall appearance of the smart, or panel.
  • Under-body damage affecting the structural integrity of your smart or warranty.
  • Damaged aerials. Drilled holes for telephone aerial fittings where the aerial has been removed.
  • Any missing caps or covers on the bodywork

Rubber Seals:

  • Normal wear resulting in a minimal amount of minor damage and splits to rubber door and other seals.

Not Acceptable:

  • Evidence of neglect or abuse. If a seal becomes displaced it should be refitted immediately to avoid it becoming trapped or torn.

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