Consign polluted air to history.

smart - Retrofit of Diesel particulate filters

Retrofit of Diesel particulate filters for unlimited driving pleasure in a cleaner environment!

If you are into a greener environment, just visit us and get a retrofit of your smart cdi with an original diesel particulate filter system. Major advantage: After you have retrofitted your smart cdi you will consign polluted air to history.

The advantages of retrofitting at a glance:

  • Maintenance-free filter system, effective reduction of particulate matter
  • Installation in nearly every smart cdi, independent from year of construction
  • Realising a higher price when reselling the car

You would like to learn more about this topic? Just come and visit one of our smart centers or arrange a service appointment. We shall be glad to explain all details to you. We are looking forward to you. All offers are only valid while stocks last.