smart urban pioneers.

smart urban pioneers

Ideas competition for a better city.

In December 2015 smart launched the new ideas competition smart urban pioneers. The objective was to use the most creative ideas and the support of the crowd
to enhance the quality of life in urban living environments. In addition, smart supported the best projects with €50,000 of prize money. A distinguished expert jury selected the top 10 projects from all proposals submitted.

from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Supporters from around the world voted to select the three finalists and helped them to translate their visions for a better city into reality with crowdfunding. Find out here who our three smart urban pioneers are and how they will make life in the city better on a sustained basis.

The ideas competition.

Meet the winners.

smart urban pioneers – Cabin Spacey

Cabin Spacey – minimal housing from Berlin.

The compact answer to the ever scarcer living space in cities. The Cabin Spacey micro-apartment combines flexibility, the efficient use of resources and quality of life in just a few square metres – including bathroom, kitchenette and bed. The smallest unit comprises just under 20 square metres. The housing module is easy to transport, simple to install and can be connected to existing infrastructure in next to no time.

The model has been completed, material suppliers are in the starting blocks and the first suitable sites for the realisation have been found. Cabin Spacey is ready to use urban wasteland, car parks and roofs as living space. With the help of crowdfunding and the support of smart, Simon Becker and Andreas Rauch plan to build the first prototypes, laying the foundations for a new way of living in the city.


Urban Affairs 2016 – urban art from Berlin.

The aim of the Urban Affairs 2016 festival is to reclaim lost urban spaces. At three different locations in Berlin founder Jochen Küpper and his team plan to organise art exhibitions, performances, readings, discussions and workshops. Each of the three festival days focuses on one topic: city, space, people. During the festival, which will take place for the third time following the first festivals in 2008 and 2009, projects that make urban living more attractive will be developed together with the public and local residents.

smart urban pioneers – Urban Affairs

smart urban pioneers – myLike

myLike – the app that helps you to rediscover your city.

The myLike app invites you to rediscover your city. In the social network you can save your favourite places, share them with friends or create groups where you can exchange recommendations with like-minded people.

Hotels, companies and media can also use it as a mobile concierge to give their customers insider tips as a means of improving their customer service.

The app from myLike founder Uwe Hering and his team from Munich has already completed the first major development stage: the Beta version is ready and has been thoroughly tested. The crowdfunding and the prize money from smart will now enable the findings from the test phase to be implemented in programming and the app to be launched on the market.