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Load your smart the simple, clever way

In your smart, pactris finds space where you don't suspect it: With the app you can scan the barcode of your packages while you are shopping; pactris then matches the barcode with information in a database to recognize the dimensions of your packages.pactris then calculates whether the packages fit in the boot of your smart –

and how to best place the packages when loading.  By the way: If the package dimensions cannot be retrieved because they are not stored in the system, you can also enter them manually in the app.


Load your smart – it's as easy as this:

pactris - step 1: Scan bar code

Scan the bar code when doing the shopping. 

During your shopping "expedition", pactris helps to estimate the remaining space in the smart. For this, when shopping simply scan the packet's bar code with the app – and find out whether and where the packets will fit in the smart.

Have the optimum placing of the products calculated.

Once the bar code of a package has been scanned, the app calculates whether it fits in the smart and if so, where the best place for it is. In doing this, it takes into account the packages that have already been scanned. 

pactris - step 2: the app calculates how best to place your package in the smart's boot.
pactris - step 3: the pactris app shows you the best place for the packages - for swift loading

Packages swiftly & and conveniently loaded. 

After your shopping excursion, pactris tells you what is the best sequence in which to pack the parcels in the boot of your smart.

Questions & Answers.

Which bar codes can I register with the app?

With pactris it is possible to scan over 500,000 products in hardware and do-it-yourself stores. In addition, standard objects such as mineral-water crates can also be registered. And the list is constantly growing.

How much does the app cost?

The app is free of charge.

What if a bar code cannot be read?

If it should ever happen that a bar code is not recognised, the dimensions can also be input by hand. The app then also shows you the optimum loading process.

Download smart pactris to your smartphone.

clever calculation with pactris: so much fits into the boot of your smart. Download the app now.

Just one click – and loading becomes child's play.

Get the pactris app now free of charge for iOS or Android.Simply download, save time and save yourself stress on your next shopping spree.

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