360° view.

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Equipment lines.

Our equipment lines are tailored to all kinds of different needs – from purist to sporty and discerning. The smart fortwo models are as different as people and the cities they live in. Choose the one that suits you.

smart fortwo pure


Everything you need and nothing you don't need. That's the pure – quite simple and simply good.

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smart fortwo pulse


Wherever you want to go – the pulse gives every journey a sporty flair.

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smart fortwo passion


A real feel-good car. If your focus is on comfort and elegance, then the passion is the right model for you.

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smart fortwo BRABUS


Sportiness and understatement: BRABUS combines both – plus it's livelier than you might think at first glance.

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smart fortwo BRABUS Xclusive


If you can't get enough exclusiveness and power – then the smart fortwo BRABUS Xclusive is your first choice.

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