The necessary software update for your smart.

Update information: GPS software update for your smart Media-System.

Get your smart Media-System up to date – it's simple, fast and straightforward.

Your smart Media-System continually receives the current time signal by way of GPS data. A so-called Week Number Rollover (WNRO) is scheduled for this GPS time signal on 06.04.2019,following which it is possible that your smart Media-System may no longer be able to handle this signal correctly. As a result, the time may no longer be displayed in your vehicle, and implausible arrival times may be shown. We therefore recommend you to take action now and update your Media-System.

Get your smart fit for the future now: all it takes to get your smart Media-System up to speed is a swift and straightforward software update to make sure it continues working correctly. The update provided by our system partner TomTom, only takes around 15 minutes and does not require any special know-how.

A USB stick and just 15 minutes of your time.

At home

At home:

Download the update file
to an empty USB stick.

In the vehicle

In the vehicle:

Automatic update
via USB stick with the update file.

Swift and simple

Swift and simple:

A simple
15-minute procedure.

How it works:The update procedure explained, step by step.

Click to start the download

Preparation – At home:

All you need is an empty USB stick.

Here we go: Insert the USB stick in your PC.

Download the software update here  and select your USB as the save location under "Save as".

Step 2

The update – In the vehicle:

Continue the process directly in the vehicle - please allow around 20 minutes in all.

First of all, switch on the ignition and then the Media-System in your smart.

Now insert the USB stick containing the update file in your smart's USB port.

Step 3

The Media-System indicates that it has recognised a USB stick.

Step 4

Your smart Media-System inquires whether the software update is to be carried out. Please confirm by clicking on "Yes".

NB: If your smart Media-System does not display this prompt, it is already fully up to date. In this case, you can abort the process by removing the USB stick.

Step 5

The update process will now start automatically. A yellow bar shows the update progress – please do not remove the USB stick during the update process.

This step takes around 15 minutes.

A countdown message appears shortly before completion, and the system is subsequently restarted.

Step 6

After restarting, the system displays the customary system message.

Simply confirm this by clicking on "Done".

Step 7

Mission accomplished. The update is complete.

Please confirm by clicking on "OK".

Your smart Media-System is fully up to date  and fully functional again.

Note: In order to subsequently check the system for correct functioning, the vehicle must be outside (GPS reception required).
The update itself can be carried out without GPS reception in a garage/underground parking lot.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact your dealer.

In cooperation with TomTom