How to charge an electric car.

smart e-mobility – charging at a charging station

Fresh energy for your electric smart.

The new smart EQ fortwocoupe and cabrio models have a host of intelligent solutions on board to make sure you always arrive full of energy. Via the so-called recuperation process, for example, almost all electric cars recover energy during coasting and braking. smart's radar-based recuperation   goes one step further, however: a radar sensor monitors the traffic in front of the vehicle and automatically selects the recuperation level that makes best use of the vehicle's kinetic energy. With ECO mode, you additional save energy while driving. Charging the vehicle in public is also simplicity itself. Discover just how simple it is here. 

How can I charge my vehicle?
1. Connecting your vehicle.

Open the charge socket cover on your smart and connect the charge socket to the power source (charging station or wallbox) using the supplied charging cable.

smart electric mobility - charging, step by step
2. Charging.

The charging process now begins and the charging connector is locked in position automatically.

smart electric mobility - charging, step by step
3. Continuing your journey.

To end the charging process, first open the vehicle. You can then unlock the charge socket - disconnect the charging cable first of all from the vehicle and then from the power source. Now you can continue your journey.

smart electric mobility - charging, step by step
4. Domestic power socket.

You can also charge your smart at almost any standard domestic power socket. All you need for this purpose is a special charging cable  which is available for the smart EQ fortwo.

Where can I charge my car?

Which charging cable do I need?

Mode 2 cable: for domestic power sockets.

One end fits the charge socket on your smart. The other fits into a domestic power socket [2]. The charging cable for domestic power sockets is optionally available and is only required when no special charging station is available for electric cars.

Mode 2 charging cable for domestic sockets

Charging stations near you.

Charging stations near you

At home, at your workplace, near to your supermarket: where is the nearest charging station? Find public and semi-public charging facilities for your electric car worldwide.