smart electric drive – Range

On all your daily routes. And more.

Once fully charged, the smart electric drive models offer up to 93 km of range for the city. That's more than enough to be out and about all day without having to think about the battery. Take a guess:how many kilometres do you drive on a typical day in the city?


One day with the smart electric drive.

smart electric drive in front of the garage







7.30 a.m.: Good morning!

The battery of the smart electric drive is freshly charged.

0 km.







8 a.m.: Breakfast in your favourite café.

Ready for the day.

1 km.


Breakfast in your favourite café.
In the office





10 a.m.: Off to the office.

A fun drive there. And then the perfect presentation. No problem!

8 km.





12 noon: Short sprint in the park.

The car still has loads of charge.

11 km.

Jogging in the park
smart fortwo electric drive with shopping bags





3 p.m.: Shopping in the centre.

Large shopping bags. Tight parking spaces. No problem.

12 km.





6 p.m.: Sushi with friends.

The battery still doesn't need a top-up.

17 km.

Sushi for dinner
In the cinema





8 p.m.: Blockbuster in your favourite cinema.

Suspense in the cinema. But not on the road.

20 km.





11 p.m.: Back to the power socket.

Driver: Exhausted. Battery: Still has plenty of energy.

25 km.

smart electric drive in front of the garage

Where you can charge up.

Charging stations near you

At home, at your workplace, near to your supermarket: where is the nearest charging station? Find public and semi-public charging facilities for your electric car – worldwide.