Vehicle Condition Guidelines.

Keep these in mind throughout your lease.




Wear and tear is a normal part of driving. We make it easy to understand what’s acceptable and what’s not – so there are no surprises when your lease matures. 





Excess Wear and Tear


It’s important for you to keep in mind that you’re responsible for any wear and tear that exceeds the basics. We created the Vehicle Condition Guidelines to help you figure out the condition of your vehicle, including the interior, exterior and mechanics, so you know where you stand.




Safety and Vehicle Integrity


Beyond just wear and tear, you must also return the vehicle in safe working order. Items that might compromise the safe operation of the vehicle include broken or cracked windshields, misaligned or unbalanced tires, inoperable headlights, taillights, or brake lights, etc.





Kilometre Allowance


The terms of your lease provide a maximum number of kilometres you’re allowed to drive during the time you have your smart fortwo. Keep in mind that should you exceed the allowed kilometres, there will be a charge when you return your vehicle. To learn more about these charges, please refer to your lease agreement.  




Determining Your Vehicle's Condition


We’ve made it simple for you to evaluate your smart fortwo with specific, easy-to-understand guidelines. Keep these in mind throughout the duration of your lease so you know your responsibilities and can make sure you’re free of excess wear and tear.





Contact us


If you have any questions about vehicle condition guidelines, the vehicle return process or even specific wear and tear issues, please give us a call – we’re here to help you throughout your lease. Call the Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Lease Maturity Department at 1-866-202-6969 or your smart Centre.


Lease Return Options

To make sure that returning your vehicle is just as smooth as driving it, we’re here to help you understand your options and responsibilities during the lease return process.


Return Your Vehicle

Return your current vehicle to your smart Centre and settle any outstanding fees or charges. Then put yourself in a new smart fortwo!


Inspecting Your Vehicle

If you will be returning your vehicle, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services will contact you to schedule your vehicle pre-inspection and provide information regarding any special loyalty offers. 

The information provided and its content may be changed at any time without notice. All lease return obligations are subject to the terms and conditions set out in the applicable governing agreement.